Lawyers - Mergers and Acquisitions - Paris

Lawyers - Mergers and Acquisitions - Paris

DUMAS STRUCTURE is a business law firm located in Paris, 8th arrondissement, close to the new Court of Justice.

The firm handles a steady flow of M&A work, LBOs and OBOs for French clients or for foreign clients investing in France. The law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE advises on all types of business transfers (whether by sale, contribution, merger, spin off, partial spin off) both for small and large companies as well as investment funds.

Business fields of activities concerned: the law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE and its partners have been involved in a number of acquisitions and sales of companies, in a broad array of fields of activities and in particular catering, computer and internet services, sale, distribution, import and export of various goods (textiles, food, chemical products etc.), temporary work, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, aeronautic, financial services, print media, travel agencies, transportation industries, architecture, private hospitals.

We have specific expertise in:

- Due diligence work, both for buyers (to identify risks, confirm the real value of the entity, structure the deal and identify the actions that should be taken ahead of the purchase in order to reduce certain risks) and sellers (in particular to help limit the potential risk exposure arising from the representations and warranties given by the sellers and structure the deal),

- Financial, tax and legal engineering with a view to always selecting the most optimal way of achieving the objective and correlatively reducing the cost,

- Negotiating and drafting all legal documentation:

  • Confidentiality and exclusivity agreements,
  • Letters of intent and term sheets,
  • Contracts of sale of securities, assets, going concerns and companies,
  • Representation and warranty agreements,
  • Financing agreements,
  • Guarantees (first demand guarantees, pledge agreements, mortgages etc.)
  • Shareholders’ agreements,
  • Merger, spin off and partial spin off agreements,

- Prior notification or authorization procedures with French and EU antitrust authorities relating to acquisitions and joint ventures,

- Following up on representations and warranties,

- Defending M&A-related cases such as disputes between sellers and buyers regarding the representations and warranties, the payment of the deferred price or the enforcement of shareholders’ agreements especially upon the entry or exit of shareholders.

Our specificities: we have an entrepreneurial approach and actively support our clients throughout the negotiation process by preparing the negotiations, constructing the argumentation with them and assisting in the negotiations themselves; we also give a lot of importance to the careful drafting of all legal documents with a view to upstream problem solving.

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