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The law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE is located in Paris, 8th arrondissement, close to the new court of justice. It intervenes in all labor law matters:

  • Relationships with employees : legal assistance of our clients in their relationship to their employees:
    • employment agreements,
    • derogatory status,
    • employees’ mobility in France and abroad,
    • dismissal of employees on personal grounds or for redundancy, negotiated departures, disciplinary law;
  • Relationships with employee representatives : legal assistance of our clients in connection with employee representatives within the social dialogue:
    • election and renewal of the personnel and union representative institutions
    • relationship with such institutions: collective redundancies, alert procedure, lock-out, strikes etc.;
  • Collective agreements :
    • negotiation of collective agreements
    • assistance in the legal process to be followed in order to terminate or amend such collective agreements;
  • Restructuring operations :
    • suppressions of personnel,
    • transfers or sales of entities or of part or whole of the business activity,
    • externalizations and delocalization (consultation of employee representative institutions, redundancy plans, transfer of employees, due diligence etc.);
  • Civil and criminal liability proceedings : legal assistance of clients facing or willing to avoid facing civil or criminal liability suits, whether such suits involve the legal representative of the legal entity or the legal entity itself (measures to prevent risks of conviction for criminal offences, non-compliance with working hours, non-compliance of health and safety conditions, discrimination etc..).
  • Sub-contracting – illicit supply of workers: drafting of the agreements for the provision of services, subcontracting both domestic and international.

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