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When a matter is referred to us at a sufficiently early stage, the law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE assesses the merits of settlement versus litigation and, whenever possible, works at solving the issue in a pre-litigation mode. In view of the time considerations, costs and inherent uncertainties attached to litigation, we have developed over time a technique for optimal dispute resolution on an amicable basis.

Based on our analysis of case files, we devise the strategies to be built and implemented and assist our clients in implementing them through to resolution via the settlement route.

Our long experience in the field of M&A and joint ventures has helped us acquire real know-how in the negotiation and resolution of complex cases through negotiation and mediation. Our successful negotiation and mediation practice relies on the use of tailored tools and skills, solid knowledge of the law and realistic expectations in terms of the optimal outcome.

Litigation / Mediation / Arbitration:

The low firm DUMAS STRUCTURE provides advisory and representation services in all types of disputes involving commercial low, corporate low and labor low, both before low courts and courts of appeal.

The firm can also serve in a mediator or arbitrator role. Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution by an impartial third person, the mediator. In this non-adversarial method, the mediator is either appointed by the parties or, with their approval, by a court. The mediator, as opposed to the arbitrator, does not render a decision that is binding on the parties but acts to facilitate a resolution of the dispute which is acceptable to both parties. If mediation fails, the parties may go down the arbitration or litigation path.
Arbitration is also an alternative method of dispute resolution by an arbitrator or arbitral panel (3 in general). The arbitrator enters an award or verdict (as would a court) that is binding on the parties. It provides an alternative dispute resolution forum which, unlike litigation before the courts and absent an appeal, offers the additional benefit of confidentiality.

Snapshot of sample matters:

Below are a few examples of the type of litigation cases we routinely handle:

  • breach of contract claims in general, especially in relation to service and distribution agreements,
  • implementation of contractual representations and warranties,
  • earn-outs or other deferred payment methods,
  • enforcement of shareholders’ agreements or breach of shareholders’ agreements,
  • tort actions against managers,
  • tort actions against service providers,
  • renewal of commercial lease agreements and rent reviews,
  • labor law issues (e.g., individual or collective dismissals),
  • debt recovery etc.

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