Lawyers - Company Law - Paris

Lawyers - Company Law - Paris

DUMAS STRUCTURE is a business law firm located in Paris, close to the new Court of Justice, Paris 8th. The law firm advises and assists its clients on all aspects of company law, including, by way of example:

  • the formation or incorporation of companies, groups, associations and dedicated vehicles,
  • equity transactions and recapitalization (increase, amortization and decrease in capital),
  • the issuance of securities, whether composite or not (equity warrants, shares with equity warrants (ABSA), bonds, convertible bonds, stock options, awards of free shares etc.) in particular as incentives for managers when negotiating their compensation packages,
  • contributions, mergers, spin offs, and partial spin offs,
  • changes in corporate form of companies,
  • the sale and purchase of shares, going concerns,
  • the dissolution and liquidation of companies,
  • due diligence work, and
  • other corporate law matters (approval of financial statements, appointments and termination of managers, transfer of registered offices, change of corporate names etc.).

The law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE also assists its clients in setting up their business or company in Taiwan and China.

The law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE carries out a full tax and legal analysis of all matters with a view to systematic optimization. Depending on a client’s specific business goals, the firm will provide recommendations as to the best way to achieve them in view of the size of the client, the contemplated value of the transaction, and the associated legal, tax and other costs. This type of advice is given in particular when dealing with employee incentives plans and with the entry of new shareholders into the share capital.

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