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DUMAS STRUCTURE is a business law firm located in Paris, close to the new Court of Justice, in Paris the 8th arrondissement.

The firm routinely assists companies and entrepreneurs looking for financing and fund raising, whether the funds come from business angels or public or private investment funds.

Types of financing: the firm DUMAS STRUCTURE is involved at all stages of financing (i) whether through bank loans, or (ii) through seed capital and venture capital to finance startups, or (iii) through growth financing, or (iv) through buy-out capital or LBOs, or (v) through distressed investments.

Search for financing: on the strength of its expertise, especially regarding small cap companies, DUMAS STRUCTURE accompanies its clients from the start of the process and assists them in finding the right investors for their company, considering the stage of maturity of the company, the amounts involved, the business goals of the client, and the legal and other terms offered by every individual investor.

Negotiation and drafting of the legal documentation: the firm DUMAS STRUCTURE assists its clients throughout the negotiation process and drafts all the legal documentation and in particular:

  • Confidentiality and exclusivity agreements,
  • Letters of intent and term sheets,
  • Shareholders’ agreements,
  • Contracts for the issuance of securities, whether composite or not, such as equity warrants (BSA), shares with equity warrants (ABSA), bonds, convertible bonds, stock options, awards of free shares etc.) in particular as incentives for managers when negotiating their compensation packages,
  • Representation and warranty agreements,
  • Ancillary agreements.

Our specificity: Based on our extensive experience with joint ventures and acquisitions, we have acquired solid know-how in successful contractual negotiations. Our knowledge of negotiation tools and techniques, the fact that we are external parties to the deal, our knowledge of the standards applied on the market, combined with our knowledge of the law allows us to follow an optimal strategy for successful negotiation, and to address conflictual human and legal situations that may arise throughout the negotiation process.

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