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In the digital age : Because the lawyer in the digital age must bring real added value to clients, such added value resides in his knowledge of law complexity which can only be perceived by long term practitioners. Indeed, while law may look simple at first, only long-term practitioners know how complex and misleading it can be for neophytes, both in transactional and litigation law.

Thus, cross-cutting knowledge of many areas allows for reliable and informed advice and the appropriate strategies to lead cases to success.

Our organization : The law firm DUMAS STRUCTURE brings together skills based on issues and needs.

DUMAS STRUCTURE is a Paris-based law firm specialized in business law, close to the new Court of Justice in the 8th arrondissement. Its main areas of specialization are (i) corporate law (with a strong focus on M&A, fund raising, LBOs, MBOs, OBOs and JVs), (ii) business law (negotiation and drafting of contracts of all kinds and commercial litigation), (iii) tax law (tax optimization of contemplated transactions), (iv) labor law (transactional and litigation work in the field of individual and collective employment relations) and (v) intellectual and industrial property.

For matters that do not fall within our core practice areas, we rely on the support of an informal network of law firms in France and abroad selected for their complementarity and expertise and sharing our working methods and professional values, in particular in real estate law, medical law, new technologies and public law.

The firm also helps clients connect to a network of professionals in other fields such as notary publics, accountants, and statutory auditors.

Our clients : The firm can place real expertise at the service of both small and large organizations. It assist clients in a broad array of fields of activities and in particular catering, computer and internet services, sale, distribution, import and export of various goods (textiles, food, chemical products etc.), temporary work, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, aeronautic, financial services, print media, travel agencies, transportation industries, liberal professions (architects, lawyers, doctors), private hospitals.

We work on a regular basis with foreign clients, in particular anglo-saxon companies. The firm has developed solid expertise in those clients, understands their way of working and their expectations and is able to provide all services in English, including negotiation and drafting of agreements.

Our permanent objective : Our permanent objective is to offer services similar in quality to those of big firms. We use the exact same methods of work. The firm’s size allows us however to stay very close to our clients and bill reasonable fees.

We place our experience and know-how at our clients’ service with a continuous view to :

  • high responsiveness : short answering deadlines and real time reporting to clients;
  • proximity : we give our clients a single senior point of contact able to understand all issues raised, identify other potential lateral issues and manage issues in an efficient and focused manner;
  • understanding the business environment and challenges : we place energy where the value is and assist clients in thinking about the way to address issues;
  • ensuring a perfect fit between the solutions proposed and the financial stakes involved : we adapt our services to the size of the client and to the financial interests at stake; whenever possible we favor simple and cost effective solutions for a similar degree of tax and financial effectiveness;
  • being creative : we imagine new solutions;
  • being modern : we keep up to date on technological novelties to optimize working tools.

Our drivers : Rigor, resourcefulness, perseverance, responsiveness, efficiency, speed and cost optimization.

Our specificity : Our long term practice of mergers and acquisitions and joint-ventures has enabled us to acquire real expertise in the field of contractual negotiations and the resolution of complex issues through negotiation and mediation. It is a fact that the resolution of litigious situations and the optimization of negotiations not only require an in-depth knowledge of negotiation techniques and tools but also a perfect monitoring of legal analysis that also generally provides strong arguments..

Given the delays, global costs and uncertainty which characterize judicial procedures, we try whenever feasible to solve litigious issues by way of amicable negotiation.

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